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Next Cadillac Allante XLR Event...hope to see you in the fall of 2018 for the CLC and the CAC National Show in Hickory Corners Michigan for the 25th anniversary of the 1993 Cadillac ....Click on Event Calendar above to view events

Allante Repair Tour 2018

April 29th to May 10th

1st stop, Washington DC

Need any work on your Allante? We will be leaving New Jersey taking 95 to Ft Lauderdale cross alligator alley to the Florida’s 19 Anniversary of the Allante XLR show in Bonita Springs. On Monday we will be traveling up 75 to 85 fixing Allantés on the way.  Call me, I may be in your neighborhood. 
Johnny Monzo  609-634-6518 


The 2018 3rd Annual Allante -XLR Invitational
August 23rd, 24th & 25th
Grand Rapids Michigan
Click Here 

      GM Says the Allante is on the fast track as a collectors Car          Click Here
 Hagerty News: Allante one of 13 hot collector cars under 10 grand   Click Here

Want to know more about                        your car?

Check out the "Extensive Allante Data" link above for the most Allante data ever produced.

It has every 1992 and 1993 Allante that was produced and shows build data for each car by vin number.  Also shows  hard top cars, pace cars, Mary Kay cars, V4J cars, Export Cars, Build Dates, Paint codes as well as more.

Did you know there were parade cars produced in 1992? Some were stripped of their decals and sold back to the public. You may have an original parade car and not know it!

Mark your Calendars, September 20 to 23rd

The Real Cadillac Allante XLR National Show/Vacation is coming to Hickory Corners, Michigan.

The Cadillac Allante XLR club will be holding their 15th National Event in conjunction with the Cadillac LaSalle club at their yearly Fall Festival at the CLC Museum at the Gilmore.

Just announce today that the Cadillac Allante will be the official car of the CLCMRC Fall Festival. Also be aware that the 1993 Allante turns 25 years old, and there will be a special trophy to the winner. This is a great recognition for our cars.

Details will follow soon. And yes, to participate with the CLC, you need to be a member.

John Monzo will explain in detail how we are going to handle 2 clubs under 1 roof.

We will be doing some side trips to and from the show, stay tuned…

Savannah Show 2017

Live Pictures of
14th National Show
Cadillac Allante XLR 
Show and Vacation
Savannah GA
Oct 19-22

Link to more pictures

Mission Statement 

"The owners members are dedicated to the Cadillac Allanté and XLR's to preserve them for future generations to enjoy. We offer Nationwide Club locations near you, as well as technical support, parts, an Allanté garage and a travelling service van. The club promotes both local and National Shows to display these beautiful vehicles to the public. It is our mission to keep these classic cars perfectly drive-able and visible to the motoring community."

                           ....John Monzo, President
                               Members Cars
Click to View Pictures
Cadillac Allante XLR Club Clothing Store




The Allante XLR  Clothing Store is
now open for business.

There will be a special discounts  on the opening page when placing an  order.
Open 24 - 7
Taking orders for Spring and Summer fashions

Click here to enter store


Aug 2017 Invitational

2nd Annual  

August 24, 25 and 26th
Grand Rapids Michigan

2017 Allante Invitational Results

2017 Allante Invitational Video 1

2017 Allante Invitational Video 2
 Sponsors of the Allante View

Allante View Sponsers
Whats New...Click on link 
                                 Allanté Garage:
The Allanté Garage specializing in  the service and maintenance of Allante’s.  Located in New Jersey making available technical assistance to your local mechanic, with parts and expertise to fix any Allanté problem.  If we do not have the part we can get it for you.  Annual travelling van up and down the coast for service right at your garage door.
                   Chat Room:
The perfect vehicle to meet and discuss problems with other owners.  John Monzo is available to answer any and all your technical problems.  Meet new friends and find Allanté and XLR close to you.  A place to share the passion of owning a classic car. Join us Thursday evening, 8:00 E.S.T 
               Special Parts Pricing:
The club maintains a large parts inventory for all model year Allanté Parts that are difficult to find anywhere, we can make available to you or your mechanic.  Best still bring it by or schedule yourself for the annual travelling van.

                  National Charity:
Our dues go toward funding the Allanté Garage as well as the annual traveling service van and other technical support functions such as this website.  All remaining funds raised during the annual National Meet go toward our National Charity the US Marine Corp annual Christmas drive "Toys for Tots".

    Member Access: 

 Click on the Members tab to access the following
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 Member Gifts   
Membership Renewal
 National Charity "Toys for Tots" Program Newsletter/Keepsake
 Parts special pricing  
Problem solutions
 Service and Specifications
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 XLR information

Pininfarina Production Line

Check out these Allantes For Sale
Click on Classified Link at the top of the page
Allantes For Sale

Join now for all the above benefits

Membership fees $45.00 per year

            SEWELL, NEW JERSEY 08080
President Cadillac Allante XLR Club