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Tail lights
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Thanks for the info Warren. I will look into the options you gave me

Jay, As to emblems, yes. Try the 3 places I listed in my first post. They are available in chrome and gold if in stock. Many Allante owners replace their taillight bulbs with a silver based bulb. They should always use a gold based bulb because of lower heat exchange in the metal. Some would tell you the gold is no longer available but they are, they are just called "commercial bulbs". When you go to NAPA ask for commercial and the number. The 3 listed might have them or go on line and look. That will help preserve your newer taillight assemblies. Dick Hussey did a whole article for the "Roadster" for Tom Rohner in the San Diego club magazine on removing and installing the emblems and it is on line to members. Warren

Thank you for responding. The drivers side has 6 holes and white stripes. Both original tail lights are melted at the socket holes from extended ilumination of the bulbs. This is the reason I wanted to replace them. The other reason is the emblems are broken. Is there a place where one can purchase the emblems (badging) for replacement?

should have asked what does the driver's side have?

Jay, I believe that 89 has 6. How many does the passenger side have in your car? There are many colors available. white, red, black, gold etc. You are buying without research for your car. You should be looking for 6 hole, white. Put the others on ebay and get the correct one. This is one reason for a new owner to ask and buy from one of the 3 shops that know what is up. John Monzo in NJ, Dick Hussey in Fl or Tom Rohner in CA. I would suggest you ask on this forum before you buy anything. Getting the correct part will save you time and money in the long run. I have a 93 which calls for 4 but have gold strips and only available in 6 holes from 87 and 88. I have a gold theme going. Warren

Ok. Now I'm really confused!! A while back I purchased a passenger side Tail light assembly. The one I purchased only had 4 sockets holes (one is not used). My 1989 Allante Tail lights have 6 sockets (0ne not used). The person I purchased it from on Ebay would not take it back. I then purchased another Tail light assembly and it had the correct amount of sockets holes. HOWEVER.......... The striping is black instead of white. I didn't even notice it until after I mounted it on the car. I also didn't know they even had white and black striping.

My 1989 has 5 bulbs with white striping on the lenses. I've been told that an 1989 should only have 3 bulbs. Any Advice

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