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If they allow or mandate E15 all our engines are toast my friend. He knoweth not what he does, not just un gas by the way. Lawn mowers, tractors, chain saws, outboard boat engines and inboard boat, it goes on and on. If your Congressman or Senator votes for it get rid of the idiot.

Hey all, I'm a new member.

(Sorry the subject should be E15, not E85, I'm pretty sure nobody should put E85 in these cars :) )

I was wondering what the Allante owners' stance is on acceptable ethanol content of gas. If you haven't noticed, Biden is going to allow E15 into summertime. In the past, with my 05 STS/LH2 Northstar, I didn't really pay attention to what I put in other than Tier 1 93 octane.

But I'm about to have a Northstar that was built 12 years before the one in my STS. Most sources I see say "Well cars built after 2002 or so are fine..." but of course this doesn't apply to us. So do you all look for pure gas (no ethanol - can be tough to find), do you just live with E10, or even E15 in these 1993 or earlier engines (though I'm mostly concerned with the 93 northstar)?

Thanks for your advice!

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