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Allante (for sale)

93 Red Allante
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Thanks, Warren. It was difficult to sell, but circumstances at the time made the decision for me. The new owner doesn't know a lot about Allantes, although he does have an XLR as well. I gave him all of the information for the clubs, specifically this site, if he needs advice, parts, etc......If he does join, and I suggested that he do that, you may see my ex-Allante pop up again since it stands out. He lives in Crystal River so he isn't too far away.

1993 Bright Euro Red
Congrats Gary. I know it was not at all easy for you but you have to do what you have to do. I would appreciate you passing on to the new owner the CAC and also the Florida club if new owner is from Florida. Owners can contact me at 727-264-6754 or at if they wish to be a member. Florida dues are a one time $10. Thanks and good luck. Warren Michener
The car has sold. Thanks for looking.

1993 Bright Euro Red

1993 Bright Euro Red
Another update. Things have changed and I'm down to the wire. I'm downsizing from 4 vehicles to 2. I still need to move my Allante. As I have mentioned to some of you before, I travel for business and I need to replace the Allante with something suitable for that. I have sold my current house and am buying a new house, which is why I have to downsize. Closing on both is in a couple of weeks. I am actively advertising on several sites, at car shows, and I'm working with someone who does quite a bit of work at auto auctions. The price for the car I'm using is $12,500. This is a rock bottom price, but will allow me to replace it. For anything less than that I'll just keep it and put it in storage for now. The car has a few extras like the woodgrain dash kit and a new woodgrain/leather Allante steering wheel, installed by Johnny. I also have an extra passenger side tail light with silver stripes in excellent shape that will go with the car. I'm just throwing this out there to the club members. I would rather see the car go to a club member who would appreciate the car, but I have to let it go to the first person that wants to purchase it. I hate to do it but unfortunately for me, I have other priorities that take precedence. Thanks for looking. or 352-857-4437.

1993 Bright Euro Red
Just an update. I'm lowering the price on my Allante. I am advertising it for 20K obo but I'd let it go for 18K. I can't go any lower than that in order to break even. (actually still taking a little bit of loss) I forgot to mention in my original post that there is nothing wrong with the car, and I still like the car. However, I'm in the process of selling my farm and buying a house closer to town. To make the move, the car (and some other things) have to go.

1993 Bright Euro Red
After much consideration, I have decided to sell my Allante. My car is in great shape and has 56K original miles. The last 6 of the VIN is 126112. It has the burl woodgrain inserts on the dash, and the upgraded woodgrain and leather steering wheel. The CD player has been replaced with a rebuilt, and the radio repaired. (thanks, Johnny!) The coil packs were replaced last year, and the rear main replaced. (as well as several other gaskets) The engine is tight. Several months ago, I spent $1200 having the A/C rebuilt complete with a new compressor. I kept it R-12 rather than changing it to R-134, since the shop I had it repaired at had plenty of R-12 on hand. It is ice cold. Some of the work was done by Johnny last year on his famous repair tour. Although I have seat covers on it, the seats are nearly pristine. I have an extra passenger side tail light in good shape that will go with the car. The only thing wrong with it is a couple of the LED (LCD) letters are partially burned out on the DIC deiplay. It has won 7 trophies at local car shows, 3 being Spectator's Choice. Over the past year and a half, I've had at least 4 people offer to buy it on the spot, but it wasn't for sale then. I'm competing in a large show this weekend, and I'll advertise it there, but I wanted to give club members first crack at it. I'll be asking 23K obo at the shows, but I'd let it go to a club member for 20K firm. I know this is a bit pricey for an Allante, but I would challenge anyone to find a nicer, cleaner car than this one. I won't be making any money on it, but I would break even considering the repairs and upgrades I've done. This car stands out. It's located in Ocala, FL. I am attaching a few pics of the car, but I have many more. If anyone is interested, you can either send me a message here or through my email at Thanks!

1993 Bright Euro Red
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