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Unknown fluid under rear left on '93
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Yes there is
Is there a DIC warning for Lo Brake Fluid?
Thanks, John. It pays to ask the experts. Will I get a code if it goes below a certain level?

If one of the lines has worked loose it will just need tightening? If the block has cracked are they easy to find.
Hi Rick, sorry to inform you that it may be your brake fluid. to the left side of the gas tank, there is a block fitting that has 3 lines going to it. if you get under it , you my see it leaking on the side of the tank or side of the frame. its not a big deal to repair.
I have a 12" puddle of fluid under my rear slightly left of center. It has not evaporated in 3 days. It is clear, odorless, and slightly sticky to my fingers. I don't believe it is fuel.

I haven't parked just partly in the garage so it isn't where the A/C dumps.

Any ideas? Thanks - Rick
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