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Hi Warren. Most likely only one relay was bad,but it would take time and more work to try to determine the one bad one,and easiest way was to replace all three.Glad I kept 3 extra relays in trunk. Relays work together for proper speed of fans.
Jim Really glad you got to the bottom of your problem. Great that you posted the result so others can learn from your experience. Warren
I just solved issue.
I replaced all 3 relays for the cooling fans even though they were running.
Seemed like then fans were going slow speed even when engine was getting hotter.
After I replaced all 3 relays engine goes to just 2 notches over mid point, then goes back to middle like it should and its 95 degrees outside now so today was a good day to figure this out.
I initially thought that if fans are running that the relays were okay, but I guess that's not true.They some how control the fan speed as well, as 1 relay is for low speed,  2 in series runs high speed, and the 3rd controls the other 2. I guess I should have read the service manual on that item 1st.. Jim
What fan/fans are you talking about? The lo, med, and hi for the AC? I didn't know there was a left and right.
Just wondering if something controls the fan speed.
I noticed at times the large size fan on drivers side goes slow and other times fast, and at times when engine is starting to get above normal temp. the fan is sometimes going very slow.
Any chance someone would know something about this??
Hi warren: Thanks for reply.Both fans running.I checked the condenser to be sure no blockages and be good air flow.
Two years ago I replaced the temp sensor and flushed system, new antifreeze, as similar issues.
Last year I replaced radiator, hoses, radiator cap, and new thermostat, and I did use the pellets, new antifreeze again. Still goes to high end when temp is high, like today 95-96 degrees outside, but I would assume engine should run normal even in the heat with A/C running.I see that there are additive cooling supplement to make engine run a little cooler. I may give that a try, as I cannot think of anything else. I wrote to John and have not heard back, as I assume he probably has no idea as well.I was going to take that car on a trip over the 4th, but will now use another vehicle, as it is still going to be hot weather and last thing I need is an overheated car on highway.
If anyone has any suggestion, please let me know. Jim
By the way, idling in 95 degree heat with a/c compressor on is probably your worst case.
Jim, I am no expert but are both fans running? Your one should start no matter temp when you put the a/c on and then other one when it reaches temp. When was the last time you had a radiator flush and new antifreeze put in? Also might be thermostat not opening. If you have radiator flushed and new antifreeze do not forget to add the crushed pellets to the top hose on the radiator. Just brainstorming.. Warren
Tried it out again today since its another hot day.
Pulled car out of cool garage, drove around town about 15-20 min.
returned home and left car running a/c on parked in driveway temp 95 degrees outside today.
Took about 35 minutes more for temp to go to 3 notches above mid point.
One more notch and it would have been on low end of red zone.
Would this be normal because of high temp outside or is there something I am missing??
On my early 1990, last year I replaced radiator and cap, hoses, thermostat, and temp sensor on engine.50/50 mix antifreeze with coolant pellets.The fans runs so I know relays are okay.
When outside temp is in 93-95 degree range and AC running the temp scale is 3 notches over midline. 1 more notch and it would be on end of normal zone and edge of red zone. City driving.
Seems only when outside temp is high like today. Is this normal for this car? If not what else can I look for. Thanks. Jim
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