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Convertable top
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Yeah, hard to run a cat off who's found its new favorite spot. In my experience, sprays and hot pepper/etc are useless gimmicks. I would say "throw in the 'towel'" like Rick said, or do one even better and use an old shower curtain. You could loop it in between the windows and top and sandwich it in. Just trying to be pragmatic. No surefire (non-lethal) way to get rid of a car who wants something. When feral strays would come try to harrass our neutered male housecat and spray on the deck, it just came down to watching for them and having the waterhose and a loud yelling voice ready to scare them enough that, eventually, after months, they'd steer clear
Lay a beach towel over it?
Hello everyone!
A quick question.
When at times I stay at brothers house, and as no access to his garage car is outside nights.
When there is no rain in forecast I usually just use the cockpit cover and leave top down and no issues.
Issue is when rain is in forecast and I put top up for overnight I find cat fur on convertible top, neighbors must let cat out at night. I am afraid cat can ruin top, and or even scratch surface just climbing to top. I have a new Robbins top and headliner at present time and don't want any issues, so for now when I am over brothers house for the night, I have to bring other car .
Anyone find a way to discourage someones cat from sleeping on top of car at night?
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