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ecm problems
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After two O2 sensors, a remanufactured pcm and a coil pack, car is now running good again.
You really need to buy a factory service manual. here is a link to the pages with the codes you have listed      . 

you will have to copy and paste the link above

Ross Longo
the codes it is currently displaying are p047 and p107
sorry the last six vin numbers are 100175
The vin # you provided is not correct it should start with either 10 or 12, 10 being a factory hard top model. If it is 100175 you have an early production Allante John Monzo has a PCM for it but there expensive. He should have the ic chip you need as well.

Ross Longo
the p044 code was before the obd flickering and rough runnig, they said the obd stopped then was fine. Last six numbers are 000175.
Just curious how did they get the pcm ram chip error if the obd is not working. It sounds to me like you had a faulty ignition component that caused your po44 code to start with. A faulty O2 sensor will not usually make the car run rough.

The 93's used 2 different PCM's post the last 6 of your vin # and we can determine which one you need.

Ross Longo
I have a 93,that I got about 3 months ago, couple of weeks ago it started to run rough and generated a pcm code po44, I took it to a shop and they replaced the O2 sensors, when they took it for test drive the dash lights went crazy and all screens went blank and the car sounded like it was running on four cylinders they got a message defective ecm ram chip error. Is there any advice what to do next?
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