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your not doing it correctly. you just clearing the stored codes in the BCM, you need to go into the BCM to override the message... in troubleshooting look for the SSD message. it tells you how to do it. If not call me
I followed the instructions in the manual on how to clear the diagnostic codes. When I get to the prompt rtd clear codes?, then after selecting, I hear a click then get the message rtd codes clear. Then when I am driving I will get the message, service ride control, if I push any DIC button it goes away for a few minutes then reappears. Done this several times with same results. I live on west coast not sure when a good to call would be.
Randy, you need to go into the computer and turn off the message, its in troubleshooting under SSD message... you can call me too
Thanks for helping me with previous problems, I am still ironing out the bugs. The newest, a couple of months ago I was getting a service ride control message, checked codes and there was left position sensor history and right position sensor current, I replaced right sensor and cleared codes. Now I am still getting service ride control message and when I check codes it says left sensor history and right sensor history, I have cleared codes several times but still get the same message. Any thoughts?
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