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A lot of hype was brought on with this 29 mile 1993 Allante at the Kissimmee Florida Mecum Auction on Sunday afternoon January 12th .The Allante was in a collection of specialty cars  along with many other Indianapolis pace cars from the late 1980's into the 1990's. 

It was an auction from the car collectors estate all brought to the Mecum auction

One of those cars was a 1993 Cadillac Allante Pearl Red.


It was a 93 Allante appeared on the Mecum auction web site,which many Allante owners took notice right away. What was puzzling was, how could there be a 1993 Allante pace car edition  with only 29 miles and no one knew any information about the Allante existed.?


With some light research, it is our guess this particular Allante may not be one of the 33 specially built 1993 Allante Pace Parade cars used at the 1992 Indianapolis 500 as it is our understanding the Northstar Badge on the front fender was not in production until later models. However the Allante vehicle identification number has not been identified.

(NOTE: The Allante vehicle identification number has been identified as 1G6VS339XPU125850 which has a build date of May 22, 1992, two days before the 1992 Indianapolis 500. As the pace cars were built in March of 1992, it is our opinion that this is not an original pace car.


The main attraction was this Allante only had 29 original miles.We had a slew of followers from the Cadillac Allante Club Chat Board reviewing what might  this 93 Allante will actually bring as a high bid at the auction.   

With members placing bets among ourselves ranging anywhere from $15,000 up to a high number of $23,500 tops.

When it was time for the Allante to come across the auction block, the anticipation was exciting.

There was the Allante, all shiny and glistening driven to center stage, ready for the opening bid. 


After a flurry of bids,  the final hammer  came down by the auctioneer  the final  bid was $35,000 ($38,500 fees in).

That sent waves of joy and excitement to all the Allante owners on the chat board. Never did we expect a high bid like that. To see the final winning bid at $38,500 was astonishing beyond belief and much over due.

This could be the turning point that our Allante value could be on a path of good things to come.

Now the question is, what will the new owner going to do with the Allante?


Congratulations to the high bidder and  purchaser.


Denny Allante  (Aka )

Contributor of this article. 

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