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1992 Indy 500 Pace Car Parade

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Welcome Members
Welcome Members

My Ride: 1993 Cadillac Allante

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Would you like to be featured in "My Ride"? Send us a picture of yourself beside your car with a short story of why you are proud of your ride email 

Upcoming Birthdays / Anniversaries
Upcoming Birthdays Anniversarys

Chat Room:
The perfect vehicle to meet and discuss problems with other owners.  John Monzo is available to answer any and all your technical problems.  Meet new friends and find Allanté and XLR close to you.  A place to share the passion of owning a classic car. Join us Thursday evening, 8:00 E.S.T.  
We have a morning session from 6 AM to 9 AM every day. The room is open 24/7, feel free to ask for advise and we will answer SAP.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

2018 Hemming's Article
on the Cadillac Allante

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         Did You Know?

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How to clear annoying SDD Message
How to clear annoying SDD Message

SDD Message


Procedure To Turn Off SDD Error Message



If you wish to deactivate the Service SDD (Speed Dependent Damping) message on the Driver Information Center (DIC) message window, you can do it yourself by using the following procedure.


Four buttons on the AC control are used:

LO (fan speed) = No or skip or increment down

HI (fan speed) = Yes or select or increment up

COOLER = (Blue Button) = decrease by one for each time pressed

WARMER (Red Button) = increase by one for each time pressed


Ignition turned on, car running or not (it does not matter), press and hold the OFF and WARMER buttons on the DIC until the display changes. This is the beginning of the diagnostics mode. After the display changes, release these two buttons. Any stored trouble codes will be listed, and can be copied for future analysis. The automatic function will end at "ECM?".


At that point, press and release the LO button to skip.

At "BCM ?", press HI to select the BCM segment.

At "BCM DATA ?", press LO to skip.

At "BCM INPUTS ?", press LO to skip.

At "BCM OUTPUTS ?", press LO to skip.

At "BCM OVERRIDES?", press HI toi select.

At "BSO No Overrides", you will need to press the HI button until you reach "BSO8 . Note down the current value (probably 3) in case you want to restore it later.

If you have a 1993 Allanté', this value will be 11.

Normally the new stored value should be "1" on 1989 through 1992 Allantés, and "9" on 1993 Allantés.

Press COOLER button until the number on the right is reduced by 2.

Press and hold ELAP TIME and FUEL USED buttons for at least 3 seconds to save the new value in the EEPROM. The display will flash momentarily and then display the newly stored number. Press RESET to exit diagnostics or shut off the ignition.

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                                                    Mission Statement

Here at the Cadillac Allante XLR Club, I am anxious to assist you in achieving your goal in helping you enjoy your car with confidence, knowing that the collective knowledge and experience of your fellow members is at your disposal. I love talking, emailing and greeting members because it allows me the opportunity to describe the CAC’s philosophy.

Our years of success are due to helping our members meet all their needs. At the CAC, I give 110% to all your Allanté XLR needs. Anything less is not good enough. Not only are we a National Club, but I have an Allanté-only repair shop located in NJ. It’s also the club house. Feel free to visit anytime.

By being a member, this means that on every call or email, I will give you more than you expect and pay for. Also for those of you that can’t get to the Allanté repair shop, I can also be an angel on your local mechanic’s shoulder by providing them with added advice so he can get your Allanté ready faster.

By consistently going the extra mile, I have created many successful friendships that make me keep on doing what I do. In this same manner, I hope to earn your confidence and friendship.

Now that our shared semi-exotic indulgence is at its historical status, it is in our combined best interest to support the Allanté community. 

I look forward to personally meeting you at one of the Allanté XLR events.
Sincerely, Johnny Monzo...........Remember, you have me at your disposal 24/7.


                 Allanté Garage:
The Allanté Garage specializing in  the service and maintenance of Allante’s.  Located in New Jersey making available technical assistance to your local mechanic, with parts and expertise to fix any Allanté problem.  If we do not have the part we can get it for you.  Annual travelling van up and down the coast for service right at your garage door.

                  Want to know more about your car?

Check out the "Extensive Allante Data" link above for the most Allante data ever produced. 
It has every 1991 and 1993 Allante that was produced and shows build data for each car by vin number. Also shows  hard top cars, pace cars, Mary Kay cars, V4J cars, Export Cars, Build Dates, Paint codes as well as more. 
Did you know there were parade cars produced in 1992? Some were stripped of their decals and sold back to the public. You may have an original parade car and not know it!

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Aug 2018 Allante Invitational

   4th Annual  
2019 Allante-XLR Invitational

Grand Rapids Michigan
August 22 - 24

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If by some chance you missed our latest email, click here

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Email May 23, 2019
Email May 23, 2019

Dear Allante owners.

   Two things I need to ask you. Are you willing to take you Allante out and Show it? And do you need any repairs done on your Allante?

   The reason for asking the first one is that we’re having a tough time to get some of you guys to come out and show them. So how are we supposed to promote our cars if you guys keep them in their garage? Then I get the annoying question “How come our Allante don’t bring in the money they should” just about then, my head starts to hurt.

   Come on guys; get to know your fellow Allante owners. For those that are members, go on the website and check out the membership list. See who lives in your area. If not call or email me. I’ll help you find them.

   Now that I said this, we would love to show off our babies at the Italian Festival being held in Media PA on June 2 2019, click here for details  If anyone interested in playing bocce. I'm trying to get an all Allante team together. Please call me I would love to show off the lambo’s and Ferrari’s. I know I’ll be real busy trying to make this because of the Allante repair tour but this is the shows that we need to attend if we want to make an impression.  

   Now speaking of the repair tour, were so close. We will be leaving out of NJ on June 5, 2019. Our first stop will be taking north 95 to 87 to Slingerlands NY, then West on 90 to Hilton NY, then stop in Buffalo NY. Then continue west on 90 to Geneva OH. Then it’s off to Cleveland.

   Then on Saturday, Carmen Angelo opened up his home to all of us to have and Allante repair party. All you need to do is call him to let him know your coming. It’s embarrassing to be short handed. So please call at 216-389-9098. Thanks.  It would be great if most of you that can get there be there so all owners can see firsthand how to repair your own Allanté if you had too.   

 Charlie, John, George, Mike and after I put a pump on maybe Vince will join us. Anyone else?

   Sunday morning we head to Clarkston MI then cross over to Holland MI. By Monday we will be at Cedar Lake at our next Allante repair party. Same as Carmen, Joe Russo is gracious to let us used his place and he also would love to know who coming. So please call him at 219-707-6427.

   After Joe’s place its straight to the CLC Hotel, but before that we got a stop to install a convertible top. Wednesday at the start of the show, we rented a spot and will have out Allante van parked and will be selling Allante accessories.  At the show if you there and need anything done, I'm sure we can take care of you.

   After the show Sunday, were heading to Cincinnati then headed almost in a straight line back to NJ unless you need me. So check out our route.  You don’t have much time. Look around your car if there is anything you don’t like, let me know. You never know what we can do and fix until you ask.

    The Allante Team, Johnny, Andrew and Anthony /  on a mission to keep every Allante on the road  

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Email 04/18/ here to expand
Email 04/18/ here to expand

Dear Allanteans,

We have a list of things for you to go through for your Allante XLR enjoyment.

  1. Our next email will have the registration for the 16th National Cadillac Allante XLR show / Vacation being held in Portland Maine with side trips to Owls Head, Cadillac Mountain, and Mohegan Sun and More… Dates are September 3 to the 8. You may start booking both hotels. To see the itinerary, please go to the website under events and click on September.
  2. April 27, there is a local car show around the corner of the Allante repair shop at the Stone house village, any interest?
  3. May 9, 10 & 11 Wildwood Spring Car Show held on the boardwalk this is a 3 night stay, we do not book anything till we get there. You do not have to stay but it’s a gas!
  4. May 19, another Local car show. It’s the Italian festival at 9th st. South Philly. Car show at 8 & Washington.
  5. JUNE is a big month for us. Somewhere around the 7th we will be leaving on the Allante repair tour driving through states as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and back to New Jersey. Now if you need any repairs done on your Allante you just may be in my line of fire. Give me a call or email me your wish list and I’ll get back to you with prices and times when I will be at your door. Don’t wait too long it takes me time to get things together with parts and to organize the traveling
  6. July 13, Hershey car show. I was never there but was told is it a great show. Anyone?
  7. July 28, my favorite local show right in the HEART where I grew up, Passyunk Car Show
  8. August10 & 11 show in New Hope Pa.
  9. August 22 & 23 the Allante XLR Invitational. This is a fun filled 2 day event
  10. September, well we all know the Allante Nationals in Portland Main 3 to the 8th.
  11. September 22, local show in Pennsauken NJ
  12. September 28, Italian festival in Trenton NJ
  13. October 21 & 22 Driving tour in Gettysburg

Here is a list of dates we hope you will join us in helping us in making our Allante noteworthy. If they just sit in your garage, we all get nothing. If you’re unsure about taking it out, call me 609-634-6518.

13. Do you know of anyone that wants an Allante, as of right now we have 3 ready to goand about 5 to get ready? Let me know color and your price. We can meet your expense

14. Hard tops you say, better get in before the summer over. We have all years and mostly phase 1’s that we can convert to fit any year.

15. Is there any members out there that would like to have their Allanté story on the frontpage of the most visited Allante website?Just send in a picture of you with your car and a little article about it Cors will do the rest.

16. If any of you missed any of my emails that I send out about 2 a month, you can always see them on the front page of the website

17. Most of these shows are listed by me and help from Mike Astringer. I have been asking members to help the Allante community by emailing both Tony and I to list shows all over the country. It’s like pulling teeth. What we’re trying to do is to make the car you drive worth more money. You think it make sense? Give it a shot, support you car shows and just “ SHOW UP”.

18. Now that the warm weather is here which is really bad for your car, Sun is the worst. A few spots opened up in the storage garage. If your local, it a good thing. Let me know.

Well guys, have I said enough? Of course not, I got so much more. We really need to find a way to bring awareness to our cars and the only way I see we can do it is showing them in numbers. It doesn’t work with one or two going to a show. Everyone goal should be to find 3 Allantés or more owners in your area.

Ok, thank enough, have a great day…. Talk soon. Johnny Monzo


Spring is here, time to get those Allantes out of hibernation

President Cadillac Allante XLR Club