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Well sorta. All Allantes have wheels with a bolt circle of 5x115, 87-88 have 15", 89-up have 16x7s from the factory. A 7' wheel should have an offset of 38mm (farther out) to 51mm (farther in). Most Larger FWD GM cars of the period use the same wheels, I like snowflakes (1997 Bonneville). Are also some good 17s but as there is a max diameter of about 26.5" in the front a bigger wheel means a shorter tire and rougher ride.

The issue with tires is clearance on the front spring perch which limits the diameter.

Fords (5x114.3) will mostly fit but may not balance properly (GM wheels are hub centric).

Personally I like BFGs in 225x60R16 (used to prefer Micheins but today think BFGs are better in the rain. Is same company, Conti DWS06s are OK also).

hello Bert, yes, all years Allanté wheels will fit each other. Just remember original 87 and 88 came with 15" wheels. if you like to go into detail, click on to the troubleshooting section and click wheels
Are the wheels of all Allantes interchangeable. I am thinking of the bolt pattern spacing that would determine that. I asked before on the chat line but never got an answer. I have an 87 that I should sell but it has spoke wheels. when I buy a newer version, say 1989 or 1990 which would be in better shape, I would like to use the spoke wheels - that is if they fit! I have 16" chrome spoke wheels. I think that spoke wheels make the Allante look a little more sassy. Comments?
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