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The Club

that Travels


   Keep them coming!  Your emails and web site are a great help to me personally. I have learned a lot about my Allante since becoming a member and saved a lot of money on learning how to fix problems.


   John L. Wilkerson
   Port Saint Lucie

   I receive and love your emails.  Informed members are happy members.  How many members do you think to start a local chapter?  Thinking about one in NEPA.  I would also like to thank you for taking the bull by the horns and getting our great chat room.  Not only has Thursday night become alive but also available and being used 24/7.  Nice Job and thanks again, well worth our annual dues.  
   Lakeville, PA


    I enjoy your emails. Don't let the lack of response bother you. I suspect many feel the same way. It's just that your followers lives are likely just as busy as yours.  Your emails touch them with that warm summer feel of a ride in the country with the top down and the sun setting.  That's a fantastic time and difficult to pull away from to type a response. Forgive them. But know that you put a smile on their faces and warmth in their hearts.
   Jim Celano
   Silver Lake, WI

Hi Johnny,
   Your outline is very well done. Having owned many autos of 25+ years the Allante is no more difficult that most.  Try the power top on a 1960 T Bird or the Digital Dash on a 1984 Vette.  I sold my 1989 Allante which I enjoyed and have now purchased a 1993 Allante which I love.  I prefer the 1993 for ride and comfort but I am 75 years of age so that may explain my choice.  All Allantes will certainly become collectors items over the years but the real enjoyment comes from just walking into the garage and looking at the Classic lines and driving down the road in a very special automobile.  I have received the Club Stickers for which I thank you.  Keep up the great work!
   Hugh Reid
   Brechin, ON



   I'd like to thank you for keeping the club flying.  You have done great things for the car, the driver, the marque and the collector.  We all owe you our gratitude.


Happy Thanksgiving


  John Groot   
  Basking Ridge, NJ

   Thanks SO much ! I will renew this evening . We LOVE your emails and LOVE our Allante, It was kind of sad this year in a way as we went to the Detroit Grand Prix and were in the Cadillac Corral with our car (I think it's a 2003 but it is the Gold Key Edition). There were almost 200 Caddies in the Cadillac section and they had put them together by the Models. We were the Only Allante' there ! We had so many people come up to us and talk to us about their past Allante's they had owned and how they loved them that we missed 99% of the actual Grand Prix race ! Well worth talking to the others though since we had the race recording on TV at home ! LOL:) I knew the original owner of her and when he passed away his son sold it and I felt as though She was meant to be mine..I used to try to buy it all the time from Remi and he always told me that car was "going to the grave with me ! Well it didn't ! I got her :) We have a few issues which I will Email you this weekend when I renew my membership for your and/or anyones opinion - mainly the convertible closing which is a bear to close and they said had problems from day 1 . Anyway, Thank You SO much for your emails and the club ! I'll attach a few pic's of ours for you this weekend also..She is the green with black rag top which we actually do not see alot of. Have a safe & fun weekend & Thanks Again for my membership update ! Talk soon ! :)

  Brownstown, MI

   I wanted to thank you (and Andrew) for taking the time on Sunday to help me with the convertible top. It looks great, I have been wetting it everyday, (somedays provided by nature) I will let it stretch for a week or so before putting it down. I can't tell you how much I was amazed at your operation and shop. Your self learned knowledge of the car is really something amazing and your business sense adds to it all. While old paperhangers like to dabble with everything, whatever I can't do you will see the car. I'll start saving for the tune up as I  guess 24 years  since it was originally done is long enough! I hope you and Barbra enjoy your trip to England.

  Harbeson, DE

   Hello, I have owned my beloved Allanté since it was born in 1992 and she has developed into the most beautiful lady. What great fun we have together. Sometimes she can be rather demanding but great beauty is allowed that privilege and when she really acts up and demands to go shopping she can sometimes be excessive but it's all in the wonderful game called love.
   Most of the time I must admit she is quite agreeable except when she feels neglected and taken for granted and then just stand back because she will make you pay in time, frustration and lastly money, but oh what a gal. Worth it all and when you're on the road, just you and she, surprise surprise..Gently now and listen to her purr and then hang on to your hat because this little tiger is going to take you for a ride you will never forget and leaving you wanting for more.......and when you get her home, motor still hot and you're both out of breath, hair all messed up tell her what a thrill she was, pat her on the trunk, blow her a kiss, tell her she is beautiful and you will see her soon, very soon to do the same thing all over again, knowing she will be ready.
   Smile, kick up your heels,throw your things in a chair, do a little dance. Where else can you take out a beautiful, powerful, wild lady and bring her home, leave her in the garage for a few days and go to bed without a word of protest. Only in your beloved Allanté.

  Hi John & Barbara, thanks, thanks! The wind shield is finally installed, we took her out for a spin and it worked beautifully. Very happy with this product, thanks for getting it to us. Happy driving.

  Henry & Francene Flesch

  I see the point Johnny is trying to make about the car shows.  Try one you might like it.  I'm not at the point in my life that Ihave time to devote to a 1, 2, 3, or even 4 day event, but I love driving my Allante.  It has style, and power.  It always turns an eye.  My wife loves a drive in the late afternoon or early evening and if she doesn't want to go, we aren't joined at the hip (yet), I'll take the car out myself for a nice drive.  Where can you get an "Italian" sports car for this price?  Gas isn't bad at all, and thanks to Johnny, maintenance isn't that bad either.  I consider it a bargain, and no car payment!  Maybe someday I'll sit at a car show, but for now I'm just having a good time driving it.  Why would anyone want to sell any car because their wife hates car shows.  Drive it and enjoy!

  Thank you,
  Dr. Charles H. Sacks
  Ambler, PA

   I cannot say how happy I am with the digital dash and the time you spend going over my 93.  The wood steering wheel makes a big difference!  It is peace of mind to know that you are a phone call away and an hour and a half drive away,  You are one of only probably a hand full of Allanté experts in the country and for you to say that my Allanté only has a few minor issues makes me feel proud to own my 93 Allanté.
  West Orange, NJ

   Thanks for all your efforts Johnny.  Keep up the good work for those of us too lazy to do it on our own.


   Lebanon, TN

To Johnny Monzo and the CAC,

   I wish to thank you and the CAC for the help of making my Allanté, an Allanté of the month, and in providing me with an all important drivers side power seat button cap that had gone missing from my Allanté. All I had to do was tell you of my dilemma and you sent me the part without cost to me. All I can say is what a club and how happy I am with my membership and your leadership and knowledge of the Allanté.

  Nick Ferrantino
  Houston, TX

Hello John,

   Thanks so very much. I love my Allanté and had almost given up hope that I would ever resolve this issue.

  Thanks again,
  Cyndi S.C


   It’s been quite awhile but I wanted to let you know the latest chapter in my search to get my Allante radio playing again.  You’ll recall that you sent me a replacement receiver a long time ago.  Well, I finally got Elmer – the retired GM electronics guy you talked to – to swing by today.  He installed the new receiver and the radio works perfectly again.  This whole thing took more than six months to get worked out but without you, it would’ve been six years.  I thank you and the club for your patience and your assistance.      
   I also need to let you know how much I wish I could have attended the recent Allante repair event the club held.  What I wouldn't give for a local source like that.      
   Nonetheless, I thank you again and assure you I’ll be a club member as long as there is an Allante or an XLR under me.     

  Saint Louis, MO

Mr Monzo, 

   I have had this 1992 Allante  (87,900 miles) since early 1999, and had been a member of the Allante Club for years until, I am going to say 4 or 5 years ago, I think,  I paid a fee of $90.00  to the AAG for three years membership, and the club immediately went way. Glad it is in your hands.  I am 72 years old and also have a 2005 XLR with less than 12,000 miles, a 2000 DTS Deville loaded absolutely like new, (93,000 miles) and a 2008  Escalade ESV. My favorite is the Allante.  There is not a week that goes by that someone doesn't  pay it a compliment.  

  Hope you are doing well,
  Little River, SC

Mr. John,

   Thank you for ALL your assistance over the past three Years.  I/We all love our  special vehicles, yet, they can sometimes  bring you to the cliff of "  is it worth it"?   Then all we  have to do is CALL YOU for the solution. And away we go.

  Little River, SC

Greetings Mr. Monzo,

   Just a quick note to let you know that last week I went to the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. To my utter astonishment on the second floor in the Pininfarina section they had a 1993 Allante in pearl white with the corresponding hardtop. I am delighted to now know that I drive the same type of car (93 Allante pearl white) that can now be seen in a museum. This was a great moment for me since I had always dreamed of owning a car that is “museum” material... 


   Thank you for taking the time to perform all of the many tasks that you do on behalf of the Allante owners, like me. 

  Rich Lazaski


   Great to meet you and appreciate all the time and effort you spent on my car. The radio is great and top is working fine. Wish you and yours a great holiday.

  Best regards,
  Jeff Harris
  Tarrytown, NY

Dear Johnny and staff,


   I recently had a terrible issue with electrical switches that run my windows, door locks, memory, etc. I took out the whole unit that you instructed me to and mailed it with all the pieces in a zip lock plastic bag. It is like my switch blew apart!  Anyway, I did as Johnny told me to and within 2 weeks, maybe less,  a rebuilt part that looked new, arrived back at my home in Cleveland, Ohio. Finally my windows, door locks and seats started to work again. It even had the memory back. I was Allanté-ing again! You made a tiny disaster in my little world feel all better again. Thank you Father Allanté Johnny Monzo himself and the Mrs. included. You are safe in Cleveland Ohio Johnny. You have a pass! Maybe we'll meet soon. I'd enjoy that.


  My sincerest regards,

  Anthony Ioppolo Jr. 

   Thanks for the e-mails. As I stated earlier in one of my e-mails, based on the current economy no longer do I have evenings off during the week. I did make it down to New Jersey a couple of weeks ago to the Allanté club event, had to promise the wife we would go to AC after the show. Johnny put on a great event, as usual it was a learning event and the paintless dent removal guys work on my car that was worth the trip.



  Durwin Streeter

  Hamden, CT



   I took this picture from a window at my condo, it was an amazing sight. Now knowing how much my husband always wanted to buy an Allanté I called him to the window. He was speechless. If you know of any available please don't hesitate to email me with any and all information.  


  Thank You,


  Wildwood NJ

   Hi John, Just wanted to let you know the car is running great!! Thanks for the good work and friendly way you do business. I really appreciate it.




  Green lane, PA


P.S Thanks for the detailing too! Mice say that it looks much nicer 

Hey John,

   My names Bill Conroy and I feel like I already know you. I live in the Mountains of Vermont, and because I couldn't stand the number of people that were showing up in NJ every day. I do, however, go home to visit now and again.
   Several years back I was coming back to VT and pulled into a rest stop on the Jersey turnpike. I forget the name now but it is the first one north of exit 5. There before my very eyes was this beautiful Allanté! I had wanted one since the first time I laid eyes on one. Alas, it was never to be as I am a man of modest means (okay, VERY modest means). So I let the Idea leave my brain as all good ideas will in time. Then came the dreaded day.  “The Rest Stop Allanté”. I hadn't seen one in years! But LO! This one was pulling a trailer! A trailer made from the back half of another Allanté!
   Oh cruel world. Who could do such a thing to an Allanté? NOW I KNOW! It was you! The good thing is it got me thinking about Allanté again. So recently when coming across some money I should have spent wisely; I instead bought the 1990 Allanté sitting in the drive.
   I flew out to Cincinnati to buy it and drove it back to Vermont. However I went by way of Maryland and NJ, to visit some friends and family and show them how I'm going senile. They all agreed I need help. If only I had found your site before my trip. I would love to visit the "museum". Also, what this about a $3,500 master cylinder? Why didn't I know this before I bought the car.
   Oh well, the damage is done.
   I don't get a lot of time off from work but I sure would like to get together some time with other senile people and discuss this sick obsession.
   Just a short intro to me and by the way......I Love the site!

   Bill C

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   Thanks to John Monzo for solving our battery drain problem. When we had John work on our car last summer for a rough running problem (we had to trailer the Allante to NJ), he found that the brake lights would come on by themselves. He replaced the brake light switch. Now, even with the 14 degree cold here in VA, the battery still holds a charge and the car starts right up. More importantly, the car is running better than it has in years, and the gas mileage is in the 24 to 25 mpg range.


   Liz and Dennis Junod

   92 Pearl

   Williamsburg, VA.

Dear Johnny,  

   My wife and I were so proud of your terrific presentation on PBS's nationally syndicated program, "Motor Week" last night.  You looked and sounded terrific, and the panning shot of our beloved vehicles resplendent in color, shine, and style, was top of the line.  Thank you for representing "The flying Italian Cadillac" with such intelligence and class!


   James G. Landi


   The Salisbury School

   Salisbury, MD.

   Hi John:  Wanted to let you know the box came today and wouldn't you know it -- it's raining.  How is that for timing!  Thanks for everything, I really appreciate it.  You Make owning an Allanté fun.

   Sal Caravello

   Conway, SC.

   Hi John:  About done, detailed the car both inside and out, took care of the SDD error according to your instructions.  Just completed putting the patches on the top.  Colene is sewing them tomorrow and we leave Friday afternoon for the show at Virginia Beach.  The carrier for the hard top worked like a charm, I cleaned it up and replaced the wheels and we were ready to go.  Framed the picture and put it in the garage near the car and we are all set.  Thanks John for all your help, I will let you know how we do at the show, car runs like it just came off the showroom floor and looks like a million bucks.  Colene and I purchased hats (I am not a hat guy) had the top down and off to the beach we went cruising, I lost at least ten years and loved every minute of it.

   Best thing I ever did for myself......

   Sal Caravello

   Conway, SC.


   Thanks for the tip on the toggle switch, (located under the boot well) worked just like it should and locked the rear of the soft top, enjoying the car......

   Thanks for being on the other end.

   Bob Gay

   St. Louis, MO.

Thank you for taking the time to perform all of the many tasks that you do on behalf of the Allante owners, like me.



Thank you for taking the time to perform all of the many tasks that you do on behalf of the Allante owners, like me.