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The following data has been generously provided by member Tom Benvie who has spent many years compiling this information into an MS Excel spreadsheet format. We have converted this information into HTML format so we can view this information on our Website. As per Tom Benvie's wishes, this information is available for anyone to see, non members as well as members. We encourage non members to join our club, the greater the membership, the more we can offer.

                                                                Enjoy........ Cors Verhage  webmaster

Click on the following links to learn more about your Allante.
The first 8 links show build codes and build date for each car produced. Scroll through the data to find your vin number and it will show the build code for your car.

93 Hard Top
93 Pace Cars
93 Mary Kay
93 V4J
93 Export
93 Export Codes
93 Build Date
93 Paint
93 Paint RPO
93 RPO Build
93 Interior RPO Only
93 Ext Int Top Mold