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Welcome to the Cadillac Allante XLR Club Classifieds section.



There are two reasons why you clicked on this page. 1st, we're hoping your looking to buy one or 2nd, you’re just looking to see what you can get for yours. We're hoping it’s the first one. But if you are looking to sell, then I’m going to try to make you understand the pros and cons of buying and selling. Do you know the history of the Allante? Just go to the history section on this website. You will see why it’s called the World longest assembly line. Go ahead, take one for a ride, but please, make sure you do a comparison on one that's well maintained. If anyone is asking 5,000 or under, you can rest a sure you will need service on it. Other than the Mercedes Benz SL or Jaguar XJS, you won’t find a full size car with only 2 seats. Now let’s talk SL, just the ride compared to the Allante it no comparison, the SL it bumpy and if you think parts are cheaper, think again.


ALLANTE YEARS 1987 TO 1993   

 I’m always asked what years are better. I like them all and I will tell you why. We Allanteans list them in Phases because of parts designed and in this case for the ride.

Phase 1   1987 to 1989 – If I were going to go for a ride in the country or mountains with winding hills, then this is the years you want to drive. It has the sport car feel of which Pininfarina was going for when they designed it.


Phase 2   1990 to 1992 -  If I was going to drive an Allante full time/ Every day, Then this would be my choice, It still has that sport car ride but a little softer suspension. Pininfarina is still scratching their heads why Cadillac wanted to turn a sport car into a Cadillac.


Phase 3   1993 -   If I’m going to take my spouse out to dinner, then it’s the 1993 all the way. Cadillac wins the suspension battle with the designers, and the American’s get a sports car with a Cadillac ride. Floaty.



   I constantly get calls by owners wanting to sell their Allantés. The biggest question, how much can I get for it? Now that question depends on the quality of the car. Almost every Allante out there needs something. That is because of a few reasons.


1- The owner just tired of it. He had it for a long time, and just wants to move on to something different. (If he joined the club and participated in some of the Allante clubs outings, they will think twice about selling)


2- Can’t find parts and or service. There are new parts still being made, but some parts you may have to get used till we get them made too. But this club has a network to find you anything you need. We have never, yes I said never not found a part for a member. Now for service, if you’re not close to any Allante repair shop, all you need to do is bring it to any shop you like and give them my phone number. You will be up and running in a few days.


3- Now this is the most important reason I see out there. Owners do not keep up with the repairs. There is maintenance and then there is hidden maintenance. Example: A window switch breaks after 15 years. You get it fixed and you think the window should last another 15 years, guess again, the window regulator will break real soon because it has 20 plus years of old or dried up grease on the track which makes the window parts snap and break. All you needed to do was remove the door panel, add some lubricant. If not, cost can be up to 300.00 per side.  Power seats, you ever lube them? I can go on and on. But this is the main reason why people get rid of them. It’s the lack of maintenance because they do not want to put the time and or money into it.


   ALLANTE PRICING / November of 2014

   If I had my way, no Allanté should be worth less than 10,000, but it seems there is a magic number for buying or selling one. If you have a pre 93, it looks like the magic number is around 6,000. Now you need to take this number and add or subtract it on the condition of it. Is the paint perfect or peeling? What works or don’t work? Does it come with hard top? How about the tires? By the way, if you have original tires, please do everyone a favor and remove them before someone gets killed. Even at the Cadillac LaSalle club Show, you will be deducted points of you have original tires on your Allante.

   For the 1993 the more sort after because of the infamous Northstar Engine. Prices really fluctuate. Again, it’s the condition. What works, what don’t? But the magic number on these 1993 seems to be 10,000.



  You have some options. Take a look in the website classifieds, if you locate one close to you, go take a look at it and take someone who knows automobiles, preferably someone who knows Allantés with you. If it’s a distance from you, no problem, we will email our members who live close and will gladly go check it out for you. Also when inspecting the car, feel free to call me and well both do the walk around.



    I try not to get in the habit of buying and selling cars at the Allante Repair shop here in Sewell New Jersey, but sometimes members need to sell their babies for various reasons. We have a few for sale at the shop now and also have quite a few for sale all over the country in the classifieds section in the website and I have a few who are not members and or don’t want to pay to list it. Why do I keep a list on these cars, because some members may be looking for a certain year or color? And that's my job, to make my members happy.  

I hope this helps you in finding your next love before the season starts. As always, any questions, call me…

C/o Johnny Monzo


If you would like to have your Allanté / XLR listed, please email me at
But before you do, please click on and read  "Selling your Allanté"

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