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Lee Dixon's 1991 Allanté and the first West Coast press pre-production XLR

Photo copyright © 2004 Lee Dixon"


 Dear Allanté Owners and Members,


Since you own a Cadillac Allanté and/or an XLR, You will need assistance to help you maintain your hobby of this fine automobile. Well let's define a hobby. A hobby is an activity or interest pursued outside one's regular occupation and engaged in primarily for pleasure. You will also put some time and money into it and, in some cases, you may not make a profit.


Now you say, why should I keep this car? "Enjoyment". If you're like most of us Allanté owners, We love the appearance just as much as the ride. Here at the CAC, we are dedicated to assist you in every way possible to help you keep you car in perfect shape in the least expensive way. Here are a few examples why ownership will be rewarding.


1st, You will be driving one of the most unique automobiles of its time, and without a doubt, it stands up to any sports car to date. You will be impressed when others may say to you, “ Is this the new Cadillac” or “ I did not know this was a Cadillac” and my favorite, “What is it?”


2nd, You will need to maintain your car to keep it sharp as possible so others can keep giving you the thumbs up; We will assist you in parts, service and accessories. You will find the Troubleshooting/Repair page very interesting. We maintain all the sources to help you find anything you need.


3rd, You and your spouse can enjoy our Allanté gatherings. I know and agree that local car shows can be boring. Park the car, open a beach chair and try to stay awake. But, you will have to attend one of ours to see the difference. You need to go to the archives page to read about our events. We incorporate vacations with our shows. To see all the future events, Click on the Events Calendar page.


4th, You and your spouse will meet other owners from all over the country.

It's really incredible to know you can go anywhere in the USA and there will be Allanté owners to help you on your way. This is what we mean by being a part of the Allanté family.


5th, You will be overwhelmed by the owners in your area. We will help you locate as many as possible. This way you can embrace the owners with the love and care our cars need.


6th, You will find out how to insure you baby for less then 300.00 a year. Yes, unlimited mileage.


7th, You will understand that once your Allanté is up to par, and the weather starts getting nice, you will agree with all of us, that ownership is a wonderful thing.


8th, You need to check out the Regional Chapters page. Here is where you will find some Allanté enthusiasts that will help and inform you of all the going's on in your area. 

9th, You gain the ability to place business listing on our Yellow Pages site page.

10th, You can have your own page on the site to show off your car, upload photos, and post anything club related.

And who knows, you may want to be a chapter of the………….


“Cadillac Allanté Club” Why? Because “ITS ALL ABOUT YOU”