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Dear Cadillac Allante Owners,


   Consider yourself lucky. You just stumbled across the most informative web site on the World Wide Web. Within the pages of this site you will find everything you need to know about the Cadillac Allante. We will make it very easy for you to have a long and lasting relationship with your Allante. We have a lot of goals that we will accomplish. 


First, let me introduce myself. My name is John Monzo, I live in Southern New Jersey. My wife Barbara and I got into the Allante scene in 1998 when we bought our first 1989 Cadillac Allante. The day after buying it, I went on the computer and did a search and found that they were having an Allante meet in Dayton Ohio. We decided to go, not knowing what we were getting into and what type of people were going to be there. Let me tell you, I can't remember ever being welcomed as much as this group of people made us feel. I was hooked. We were so impressed with the owners just as much as the cars. On the long ride home, Barbara and I were talking about starting a chapter in our area.


   Then in 1999, The DELAWARE VALLEY ALLANTÉ GROUP was born. We held our first Allante meet in September at the Franklin Mint in Pa. Seventeen Allante’s from upstate New York to Maryland came. And if this was not impressive enough, the top newspaper, The Philadelphia Inquire, did a front page article on this meet. To this day all 17 Allanteans keep in touch with each other except for Jay Wisan (god rest his soul). Since that day, I realize that this group may be more of a social club than a car club . This is a good thing, knowing we can go anyplace in the United states and Canada and there will be friends close by.


   In the year 2000, the Delaware Valley Allante group hosted the first Grand National Allante Meet in Atlantic City. We managed to get 101 Allante’s registered for this meet. Unfortunately, we had a hurricane come up the coast, which kept 43 home.


   The two former national Groups, the “Allante Appreciation Group” and the “Allante Owners Association” gave us the time of our lives. With 9 years of service, to help us enhance the beauty of owning Cadillac’s flagship Automobile, I would like to extend a warm and gracious “Thank You” to the founders of both of these wonderful clubs.


   Now the time has come that they no longer wish to continue. This is where we step up. For the last 5 years, the Delaware Valley Allante Group has organized Allante shows, meets, vacations and various gatherings along with helping owners keeping their Allante’s on the road with service and parts and networking with others to make their Allante experience enjoyable. You're only a click or a phone call away from saving you a lot of time and money to really reap the benefits of this club.


   The time is overdue, we all need a club that will help owners enjoy all the benefits of owning a Cadillac Allante and a XLR.


 So as of May 9th, 2004, We would like you to help us in celebrating the birth of a new national club



The Allante Club is located at 
138 Blackwood Barnsboro Road
Sewell, NJ 08080



Clockwise from top left,

Stormking, NY 2002, Watkins glen, NY 2004, Barry Tobis and The Allante welcome tent at Carlisile, Pa. 02,03,04........