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Hey Johnny,


I sold my red 93 that you worked on in St Augustine.


You’ve been fantastic to work with.  I’ve been a car guy all my life but I’ve never seen anyone work as hard as you.  You provide a wonderful service with your repair tours.  Planning all the events, and on top of that you seem like a very nice guy!  Kudos, my friend.  In this evolving world of open hate you are a needed exception!

Scott Miller



I just wanted to email you and say the car is running awesome.  My wife and I just came back from a 500 miles trip.  It not only ran perfect but got lots of stares and great comments from people as well.  Everywhere we go, hotels, restaurants, even cruising down the road we either get thumbs up or horn honks. Always have.  I don’t think I ever told you but mine is red with black interior.  I have owned it about 15 years.  It is really in great shape but does have a couple little rock chips that I have touched up.  I look at it that it is really the most fun if you drive it. It has chrome wheels with Vogue tires with the white and Yellow stripe or as they are sometimes called tires with mayonnaise and mustard stripes.

The real reason for this email was to give you a  BIG !!!!!,  BIG !!!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE MECHANICAL ADVISE YOU HAVE GIVEN ME WHEN I CALLED YOU. I could never have gotten through everything without you.  You either answered your phone right away or have gotten back to me in a very short time.  This was always very helpful as I was right in the middle of a situation. I do have a manual and am mechanical inclined but sometime the manual is a little vague.  At least to me.  The Cadillac dealers in my area are almost no help at all.  The car is older then the mechanics they have and they have very few parts.  Your advise on changing the map sensor was correct to fix the dying  problem.  I even gave that advise to Cadillac and they didn’t do it.  Fortunately I convinced the region manager to refund my $1100 dollars since they fixed nothing. Also the resistor part you sent to fix the no start issue worked great.  The post office did damage the part.  I guess they ran it through their machine and scrapped the insulation off the wires but I was able to fix it.  I followed your directions and it worked great. I did change the original coils like you recommended and averaged 20 MPG on our trip and got as high as 22 MPG on some parts of the trip.  I was doing a lot of climbing over the mountains and 75 MPH on some freeway stretches. 


Well the sun is out and the road is calling so thanks again.


Allante’ Club Member for life,


Dennis Swansby

thanks for including me ,,,with and for this information,,Look forward to Having my car Out and About Soon,,,Also appreciate your help,,,and guidance on parts and repairs,,,,
Thank You 
Frank  Heiss Jr

Truly do appreciate the efforts put forth, not only on the mechanical

side of things but on the efforts put forth in print.  You can rest

assured that every owner looks forward to your informative

chatter (higher grade then chatter).  Thank you so much


Ray Hoen

Keep it up johhny! U rock, nice stickers btw!

John - I bought my car back after selling it several years ago.  I can still remember that you were very helpful at the time when I got the car the first time.  The guy I sold it to made some major repairs but let a bunch of stuff go so I'll be back at it again - deja vu.

Anyway one of your member Ross Longo talked me into joining your club so now I'm official.

Thanks for keeping everything going to all of us Allante owners.

Bruce Caron

Happy holidays johnny, loved the allante view!


Your buddie,




Thanks for the great Christmas gift of Allante View! I loved it. Fifteen great pages of super info, cool member stories and photos. I really enjoyed it. 

Have a safe Allante Winter Repair Tour. I hope the weather cooperates nicely. 

Jack Larson

Hi Johnny,

                 I enjoyed reading the new " Allante View". Also thanks for the private chat on the air cleaner top.

     Right now my car is still in previous owners garage storage and snowed in.

I took it for a brief putt in the rain a few weeks ago with no major issues considering it was not run for 2 years.

Has 99,000 and motor runs good and shifts smooth. No rainwater leaks, but had some electrical faults including

no signals, flasher, and gas guage working. Some of the dash display was out. Plan to clean the grounds and hope thats it.

      Has 15" alloys but the door sticker mentions 16" . Have a nice set of Pontiac 16" wheels on my '01 Eldorado

which might fit. I liked the white Eldo Northstar, and my wife drove a Maroon '01 Aurora with the 4.0 Northstar a few years back. 

      The mouse nest damage was in the trunk next the spare and also in the console box. Didn't notice any chewing

on the fabrics other than the trunk botton carpet.

        Looking forward to top down weather although I mainly ride Triumph motorcycles when it gets nice out.

Thinking about driving the Allante to Daytona Beach in March for Bike Week.

 In 1971 was my first drive to Daytona Bike week in my 1968 "Leroy Brown" Eldorado.

                                   Good times back then!


                                              Have Rocket,

                                                Will Travel


  I received my Allante View yesterday and it looks great! Nice beginning and

a solid foundation to build on. I look forward to continuing my membership in

the club and hopefully participating in an event, or two in 2017.

  My wife and I got off to a bad start with our Pearl White ’90 convertible, but

by accident, I found this club and after speaking with  Johnny Monzo, we have

figured out that the obstacles can be overcome.

  Thank you and congratulations!


Bill Marcy

Dear Johnny,  

   My wife and I were so proud of your terrific presentation on PBS's nationally syndicated program, "Motor Week" last night.  You looked and sounded terrific, and the panning shot of our beloved vehicles resplendent in color, shine, and style, was top of the line.  Thank you for representing "The flying Italian Cadillac" with such intelligence and class!


   James G. Landi


   The Salisbury School

   Salisbury, MD.



 Hi John:  Wanted to let you know the box came today and wouldn't you know it -- it's raining.  How is that for timing!  Thanks for everything, I really appreciate it.  You Make owning an Allanté fun.


   Sal Caravello

   Conway, SC.


   Hi John:  About done, detailed the car both inside and out, took care of the SDD error according to your instructions.  Just completed putting the patches on the top.  Colene is sewing them tomorrow and we leave Friday afternoon for the show at Virginia Beach.  The carrier for the hard top worked like a charm, I cleaned it up and replaced the wheels and we were ready to go.  Framed the picture and put it in the garage near the car and we are all set.  Thanks John for all your help, I will let you know how we do at the show, car runs like it just came off the showroom floor and looks like a million bucks.  Colene and I purchased hats (I am not a hat guy) had the top down and off to the beach we went cruising, I lost at least ten years and loved every minute of it.


   Best thing I ever did for myself......

   Sal Caravello

   Conway, SC.



   Thanks for the tip on the toggle switch, (located under the boot well) worked just like it should and locked the rear of the soft top, enjoying the car......

   Thanks for being on the other end.

   Bob Gay

   St. Louis, MO.




   Great to meet you and appreciate all the time and effort you spent on my car.  The radio is great and top is working fine.  Wish you and yours a great holiday.

   Best Regards,

   Jeff Harris 

   Tarrytown, NY.


  Hi John, Just wanted to let you know the car is running great!! Thanks for the good work and friendly way you do business. I really appreciate it.



  Green lane, PA

P.S Thanks for the detailing too! Mice say that it looks much nicer


Dear Johnny and staff,

   I recently had a terrible issue with electrical switches that run my windows, door locks, memory, etc. I took out the whole unit that you instructed me to and mailed it with all the pieces in a zip lock plastic bag. It is like my switch blew apart!  Anyway, I did as Johnny told me to and within 2 weeks, maybe less,  a rebuilt part that looked new, arrived back at my home in Cleveland, Ohio. Finally my windows, door locks and seats started to work again. It even had the memory back. I was Allanté-ing again! You made a tiny disaster in my little world feel all better again. Thank you Father Allanté Johnny Monzo himself and the Mrs. included. You are safe in Cleveland Ohio Johnny. You have a pass! Maybe we'll meet soon. I'd enjoy that.

  My sincerest regards,

  Anthony Ioppolo Jr. 



Thanks for the e-mails. As I stated earlier in one of my e-mails, based on the current economy no longer do I have evenings off during the week. I did make it down to New Jersey a couple of weeks ago to the Allanté club event, had to promise the wife we would go to AC after the show. Johnny put on a great event, as usual it was a learning event and the paintless dent removal guys work on my car that was worth the trip.


  Durwin Streeter

  Hamden, CT


Hey John,

   My names Bill Conroy and I feel like I already know you. I live in the Mountains of Vermont, and because I couldn't stand the number of people that were showing up in NJ every day. I do, however, go home to visit now and again.
   Several years back I was coming back to VT and pulled into a rest stop on the Jersey turnpike. I forget the name now but it is the first one north of exit 5. There before my very eyes was this beautiful Allanté! I had wanted one since the first time I laid eyes on one. Alas, it was never to be as I am a man of modest means (okay,VERYmodest means). So I let the Idea leave my brain as all good ideas will in time. Then came the dreaded day.  “The Rest Stop Allanté”. I hadn't seen one in years! But LO! This one was pulling a trailer! A trailer made from the back half of another Allanté!
   Oh cruel world. Who could do such a thing to an Allanté? NOW I KNOW! It was you! The good thing is it got me thinking about Allanté again. So recently when coming across some money I should have spent wisely; I instead bought the 1990 Allanté sitting in the drive.
   I flew out to Cincinnati to buy it and drove it back to Vermont. However I went by way of Maryland and NJ, to visit some friends and family and show them how I'm going senile. They all agreed I need help. If only I had found your site before my trip. I would love to visit the "museum". Also, what this about a $3,500 master cylinder? Why didn't I know this before I bought the car.
   Oh well, the damage is done.
   I don't get a lot of time off from work but I sure would like to get together some time with other senile people and discuss this sick obsession.
   Just a short intro to me and by the way......I Love the site!

   Bill C



Thanks to John Monzo for solving our battery drain problem. When we had John work on our car last summer for a rough running problem (we had to trailer the Allante to NJ), he found that the brake lights would come on by themselves. He replaced the brake light switch. Now, even with the 14 degree cold here in VA, the battery still holds a charge and the car starts right up. More importantly, the car is running better than it has in years, and the gas mileage is in the 24 to 25 mpg range. 


   Liz and Dennis Junod

   92 Pearl

   Williamsburg, VA.