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The Club

that Travels


Your going to love this site, you can even post pictures and so much more...

You’re just only 1 more click away to be with your fellow Allanteans and your XLRers.


Before you click on “Allante/XLR Chat Room” I just want to explain to you how to make a nickname.


We like you to list your name, year of car, color of car and state you’re in.

Example: Johnny_89_Red_NJ



Now when you ask a question, we don’t have to ask, what year? Where you from? And so on... You get it…




Allante Chat Room 

Allante Chat Room



Once you’re in, you may ask anything you like. We try to help you with all your Allanté/XLR needs. So ask away…
Also the chat room is 24/7 so anyone can used it any time of day, everyday.