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Your going to love this site, you can even post pictures and so much more...

You’re just only 1 more click away to be with your fellow Allanteans and your XLRers.


Before you click on “Allante/XLR Chat Room” I just want to explain to you how to make a nickname.


We like you to list your name, year of car, color of car and state you’re in.

Example: Johnny_89_Red_NJ



Now when you ask a question, we don’t have to ask, what year? Where you from? And so on... You get it…




Click here  Allante/XLR Chat Room Click here 



Once you’re in, you may ask anything you like. We try to help you with all your Allanté/XLR needs. So ask away…
Also the chat room is 24/7 so anyone can used it any time of day, everyday.