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anti lock pump on 93
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the service manual says to drop the front of the subframe to get at the pump but my tech removed the thermostat neck and hose and was able to remove and replace the pump from the top. Left wheel needs to be removed as stated in service manual to get at the w lines on the side of unit. This makes it a lot easier to do the job. What happened to mine was the large black plastic cover was missing exposing the 14 wires and connector and shorted out from a leak in the thermostat housing/hose that dripped on the wires. Obtained a plastic cover and put it on the replacement which also came without the cover. These fittings on top and side need to be sprayed with blaster many times before trying to remove them. One of the fittings on the side got damaged in the repair and a new one was needed. These fitting are not all exactly the same. If buying a replacement you might want to get the lines attached but cut about 8 to 10 inches and the plastic black cover.

has anyone had to replace the anti lock pump on a 93 that is sandwiched between the frame and subframe? Any experience in this repair? Brake light comes on with message in DIC antilock disabled.

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