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Allante ECMs 1227750 vs 16132240
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your "Padjett" appears on the author section to the left and your posts come on looking OK to me.

OK fixed username. Have two -240s coming in RSN. Meanwhile am developing comarison tool for 89 -750 PROMs (32K) and -240 Proms (64k).

Also comparing Bose and non-Bose radio receivers (slight pinout differences suspect designed to make incompatible.

And so it goes.

The 87-89 Allante used an unobtanium 1227750 ECM with no documentation. 90-92 used a 16132240 with mega documentation & cheap. Same LQ6 engine. Comparing the 89 and 90 FSMs (section 8D1) the connectors are only 4 pins different (mostly change from 1641400 coolant fan control module to a more conventional 3 relay setup.

Thanks to eBay I now have two -240 ECMs coming in for experimentation. Have been reprogramming GM cars since the last century just kept hitting roadblocks with the -750 so considering putting a -240 in a -750 car and doing away with the coolant fan module('89 test bed.)

Anyone interested (easier to make dedicated thread here than on facebook).

ps why does this site refuse to use my Internet name: Padgett ?

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