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Tech2 Scanner for Allante?
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Thanks for the tip about the port.

It seems like all the Allante Forums I've found are pretty slow. Not a lot of techie DIY folks for Allantes?

the 93 has a port under the dash on the drivers left kick panel. It has a removable plastic and fabric cover over it. with a lot of practice you can do just about anything from the front panel DIC. It will take a little learning but well worth it. Some others might inform you better here but the Tech2 might be a little easier.

Going through Section 8D of the 1993 Factory Allante Service Manual, it looks like I don't need a Tech2 scanner for dealing with ANY service/repair issues on an Allante. For example, the XLR folks do, and really like their Tech2s. Do I have it right that a Tech2 would be useless on an Allante? Or wrong about that?

Further, does an Allante even have OBDI, OBDII, Tech2, or other data ports? I just bought an Allante, but haven't received it yet.

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