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My Red 93
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Latest picture taken by my neighbor who is a part time photographer. With the emblems on it, what do you think of the photo?

1993 Allante
So this past Saturday night, and Sunday during the day, I took the car to two car shows. Got my first two trophies. The Sunday trophy was Spectator's Choice, so I guess some people liked it.

1993 Allante
Thank you. It still needs work but it's coming along. I wanted something that looks a little different, and my Allante is it.

1993 Allante
Great looking car and very nice photos!
I have had my 93 for about 8 weeks so far. As many of you probably can sympathize with, I have a laundry list of nitpicking things to fix, but I'm getting there. In the meantime, I have been going to lots of local shows with the car. It sure is a conversation starter. I have even had two people offer to buy it on the spot. Maybe next time I'll just ask some ridiculous price for it. Anyway, I thought I'd post of few pics of it. It does stand out. The one photo is my wife and Horny Mike from Counts Kustoms on the History Channel. He was a guest judge at a recent show. He had some nice comments about the Allante. Enjoy.

1993 Allante
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