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Ocala Florida Christmas Parade 12/12/2015
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As I mentioned on the chat board, my wife and I were lucky enough to drive our 93 Allante in the Ocala, Florida Christmas parade a few weeks ago. This parade is the largest night time parade in Florida, and was attended by 35,000 - 40,000 people. Here are the links on You Tube. The first link is the professional one, and was aired on local TV. We are at time index 1:31:45.

The second is an amateur video. We are at time index 14:13.

There were some nice shots of the car, especially in the TV video. It was a lot of fun, although we heard many people yelling at us asking what kind of car it was. One guy yelled out, "Hey, that's a Cadillac!" We've been asked to be in next year's parade, too. Anything to get Allantes some exposure. Enjoy.

1993 Allante
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