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bumpy braking
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New rotors fixed everything - now smooth as glass. However, I also asked for a radiator flush and after they did it water was spurting out so the whole thing came to $1200. I used to think if I spent less than $1000/yr. I was way ahead of buying a new car but now I am creeping well past that.

Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!!
Rick, Any good repair shop should be able to do it. The rotors cost about $35.00 each for the fronts and a good set of pads about the same add 100.00 labor and you should get away for a couple of hundred. Yes it's something better taken care of sooner then later. Get estimates from a couple of places.

Ross Longo
Hi Ross - thanks for the reply. Is it something to worry about? Do I need to fix it right away? What kind of money are you talking about? Could Goodyear or Sears handle it or do I need $$Cadilac?
Rick, I have the same problem with the teal 93. I just got the car. It's been sitting for 18 months and haven't had time to do the rotors. I'll start with the front 2 they come off pretty easy. A set of new ceramic pads and cross my fingers.

Ross Longo
On my '93 I have a nagging problem. When I apply the brakes it feels like I am going over a rocky or cobblestone road. Another way to describe it when I would brake an airliner with antiskid and it would feel like brake, release, brake.

None of this is really pronounced and has been going on for awhile. John suggested rotors warped?? He said about a $500 job!!!

The brakes stop good but it is annoying.

Has anyone else experienced this. Is it a big problem that should be fixed?
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