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Combining cars
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Thanks Ross. That helped me. Also the 88 has 198000 miles on it compared to the 110000 on the 89.
Brian I think i would use what you need from the 88 to fix the 89. Reason is the top well is deeper in the 89 and it's a lot easier to dye tan to black for the interior parts. You will have to check with Johnny about the DIC the 88 has the 4.1 engine and the 89 has the 4.5 30 more hoursepower. The dash will go right in and it's not a bad job to do. I have pictures of most of the fasteners.

Ross Longo
I just pick up an 88. I currently have an 89. I have put a lot of work into the 89 to get it on the road. The DIC display doesn't work, the dash is warped, interior (black) needs lots of work. Exhaust need to be replaced. Minor body work (1 dent), and cracked curb finder.
The 88 has a good DIC, and good dashboard. The rest of the interior (tan) is about the same as 89. Body has minor dings but better paint. Curb finder on front bumper is worse off than 89. Engine runs but not smooth, trany seems to work. Brakes are shot.

Question: what would you recommend? Moving DIC and Dashboard assembaly from 88 to 89 or moving engine and brake parts from 89.

I understand that I will need to fix dings and paint either car so I am looking beyond the cosmetics.
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