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Back window latching
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John: Let me jump in with a related issued.

I have problem with my convertible top which I have not been able to solve with reference to my Repair Manual.
My top is not properly latched on either end, causing me some concern about driving it anywhere to be repaired. My window latch has been acting up from time to time for a couple of years now. Occasionally, it will eventually cycle back on its own to pull the window panel down. No such luck here. What happened is that I tried to latch the back before checking the pull down motors on the front to make sure they had properly done their job. I often have to play with the one on the passenger side. When I noticed that the front was not latched, I started over at that end. But with the tautness on the rear, I could not get the front latched leaving me in no-man's land where neither is secured properly. How do I get the J hook on the rear to either pull down the glass panel --- OR at least release it so that I can start with the front again? I have made multiple efforts with a screwdriver to create an eletrical connection by poking around in the opening (seem to recall having read something about that once) without success. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
there are so many reasons why this happens. a lot to type, call me 609-634-5618 but in the mean time, make sure the wires are not binding so when the latch goes down, the wire pulled it open.
My J hook has some how got out of alignment on soft top,latch will grab the J hook but releases it as it is pulling down/closing,as this is the first time I have had this problem any suggestions on how to tackle it?
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