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1992 Allante alternator issue
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Just confirmed the carquest reman (wish they had access to Delco) is 124 amps. Fingers crossed. Good technical data thread! Not nearly as much activity on the Allante boards as the Mercedes boards. I bet there are a lot of lurkers among us who can liven these boards up! Hopefully this serves as useful life cycle documentation. Less than $200 for preventive maintenance at year 25 if it hasn't already been replaced could save you from the side of the road surprise.
I believe you need a certain amount of amps for the allante alternator.
I think you need at least 120 amps for the alternator.
I remember years ago on another site where posters purchased alternators from Pep boys and all of them had flickering dash lights as the amps were low from that place like 80-90 amps.
Off hand I believe you need 120 amps as the place that supplied mine remanuf. it to even greater amps so there would be no issues.
Just be sure # is 120 or higher for amps.
There is nothing special about the oem alt. a quality ac delco reman will get you another 30 years

Ross Longo
My 89's original alternator quit on a road trip (hey, it's always a gamble, thank heavens for AAA) and I suspected it was bad. Just put in an 880CCA AGM battery. Flashing, blinking, then dead while cruising down the 2-lane at 65. Bad.

They have a Carquest reman for $180 they can get today and they'll warranty it for 3 years. I have a feeling it's going to end up like yours in a year. What is needed to get it to "Allante specs?" Honestly, I'd planned to buy one from Dick but this is quick and easy and they'll warranty. If it dies in a year I'll direct them to Dick even if it costs me a bit more. Just trying to figure out what components need to be upgraded to be factory spec for these cars.

I guess 3 decades is pretty good for an alternator. Interesting that Dennis and I had the same thing happen in a week..
I had that happen before on one of my allantes. Original alternator was fine, but old so I thought I would replaced it.
I used a GM alternator I purchased online and did not even last a year (I 1st went to local GM dealer and was told no longer available). The place I brought it to said they rebuild them, but mine was so fried it was not restorable.
They purchased another one for me and re tooled it to meet specifications for the Allante. Was done deal. Was just a bad alternator That was over 2 years ago. Once you get a good proper one you should be all set.
While driving the battery symbol showed up on DIC , code B446 and B410. Car quit, battery went dead. The repair shop did a test and said the Alternator was bad. I took the alternator to a rebuilding company and they called and said they have never seen one so fried, the rectifier was complexly burnt up. What would have caused this excessive charging? I plan to put a new alternator on it but am concerned it will fry that one too. The battery tested good.
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