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1989 Mystery Switch
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Under the circumstances I would go back to your saleman and ask him to contact the former owner for you and ask the question and then get back to you. I think they would do that for you.
That's the plan! Lol. Hopefully it isn't a detonator...
I think I would flip the switch to the other position and see if the car will start. Other than that, who knows?
Unfortunately I bought the car at a dealership so I have very little info on it. I know I can do most of the work on the car myself, so I took a chance. Took it for an oil change and a look over, now the mechanic is saying it needs a speed sensor. Now THATS something hard to find.
Blake, Congrats on your new purchase. The wires are very big going to that toggle switch it could be a main cut off switch that was put in but why don't you ask the person you bought the car from what it is. Maybe someone else might have an idea but sure does not look like stock.
Hi everyone! I'm the lucky new owner of a beautiful black 1989. I drove 6 hours from home just to pick her up. 46k miles and in really great shape! While I was digging around the trunk I found the mystery switch and box below. It looks like an afterthought as the electrical tape is a little shoddy. The photo attached shows the part and the label that was on the wires running to it. It looks like there's a big port on it as well. Thoughts?
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