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ABS Wheel Speed Sensor
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So, I took it to the caddy dealership here in town. I had just gotten her and needed to get an oil change done and the AC repaired. I'm sure it's on the service receipt. Actually, the light quit coming on, and the message stopped coming up. I'm probably going to change the accumulator, bleed the system and clean the sensors as soon as I get a bit of time. She only had 47k miles, but I really didnt have any service records. Thanks for the info on cleaning the sensors!
wheel speed sensor cleaning 87-90

  I'll have it added to the how to videos. Does your brake light come on when you drive over 7 mph ? That is the indication that you have a bad wheel speed sensor. The pics are of the front the rear is the same .  Did your mechanic tell you which sensor was out as the front are different from the rear. 

Ross Longo
I remember a few years back someone posted pictures of taking out the speed sensor cleaning it well and putting it back in and it was working again.
You may want to remove it clean it up a little and see if OK.
I guess they can get gunked up over the years.
If you need parts, contact Johnny as he typically comes through with whatever needed.
One of the many advantages of being a member of his great club!
try rock auto
Good Evening!

Had a mechanic tell me I need a wheel speed sensor for my 1989 Allante, but it seems that those are nowhere to be found! Out of curiosity, does anyone know of an aftermarket sensor that will work? Usually I do most of the work myself, but took it to the shop for a good once over.
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