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off idle stumble
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John It's been my experience that the 93's don't always reset themselves after a 50 mile ride. The earlier cars will go back to normal after a day or 2 of driving but that isn't always the case with the 93's. I drove my teal around for 2 weeks and finally just did the idle learn procedure to get the service engine light to go out.

Ross Longo
I'm not sure if your aware but instead of going all through the learn process. all you need to do is drive the car for 25 to 50 miles and it will self learn.
But in your case it was the spark plugs.
Thank all of you for your help. I was not doing the learn process correctly. I followed the manual procedure and although it ran better, it did not clear up the problem. I decided to start at the basics. The car only has 29,000 miles. Started with plugs. lo and behold, it cleared up the problem. The old plugs looked good and the gap was at 50. Thank you again for the help
You have to have the exact learn procedure in front of you. It involves running the car through the gears without moving and a few other things. Look it up before you restart the engine. Touching the two cable together OFF the battery clears the memory and you start all over again.
Thank you for responding so quickly. I did disconnect both battery terminals, waited awhile and then reattached. Then started the car and ran for 15 minutes with air off and 15 minutes with air on. I did not touch cables together but will go thru the process again. To answer the other question, the service engine light occasionally comes on for a short time then goes off.
Did you perform the "learn' procedure after hooking up the new battery? If not, Ross might suggest you disconnect BOTH battery terminals, without touching the battery posts, touch the two cables together, then reinstall both terminals and then perform the learn procedure as the manual directs and see if that helps.
Is the service engine light on?

Ross Longo
1993 Allante Northstar. 29,000 miles. I changed the battery and now I have an off idle stumble when taking off. If I feather the gas petal and gain rpm and speed slowly, no stumble. Take off normally and it stumbles. Any ideas?
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