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93 overheats after changing coolant
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Merry Christmas All. Well, my problem was the purge tube. Although I reamed out the clogged hollow bolt, the problem still persisted. I then blew 100 psi through the rubber/steel tube hose. Before blowing it out, I could blow air thru it a little but I guess it needed a larger hole for the coolant to pass thru.
Fill the radiator and put the cap back on let it run until the gauge reaches the 1/2 way mark. Shut it off and let it sit about an hour or until cool then refill the system. you may have to do it a couple of times before you get all the air out.

Ross Longo
Hello All
Just changed the coolant and thermostat in my 93 for first time. No leaks but had cap off reservoir for start up and puked quite a bit of coolant out of reservoir. rRefilled but temp went into the red so I shut down. Any suggestions to get the air out of the system?
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