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Do I have a safety problem
Will Burke
Getting a “service ride control” message. All feels OK
Getting a blue spot on the rear view mirror about one third of the mirror aera and over time it changes shape and moves about.
W Burke 93 dark green ohio
Gerald Aquilina
The "service ride control" is not a safety problem. It indicates that one or more of the ride control sensors or components is not sending appropriate information the the main computer. The suspension will be locked in the "firm" mode until the problem is corrected.

The issue with the rear view mirror (I am assuming it is the windshield mounted mirror) is a mess waiting to happen. The moving glob is the material within the mirror that causes it to react to light and darken/lighted according to light the mirror received- a glare reduction feature. If the goop leaks out of the mirror it will stain anything it touches! Best to remove the mirror or at least cover anything within drip range if the fluid leaks out. Ross Longo reworks the mirrors.

1993 V4J Pearl Mist
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