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Are You Looking To Buy A Cadillac Allanté ?

   So your in the market to purchase one of these fine automobiles. Most likely, you've already did your homework and researched all you can about ownership.  If not, then I can help you. My name is John Monzo and I am the President of the Cadillac Allanté Club. Here, we are a full service Club. This by definition, means that you will never be left stranded, or without a helping hand. I have a repair shop located in NJ where I will personally attend to your Allantés needs with knowledgeable and expert service. It is my goal to keep your Allanté in prime running condition. Since it is a Club Shop, it is for Allantés only .. sorry.
    For those of you where it would be impractical to come to NJ for Club services, that's not a problem either. Your local mechanic can contact me with any issue that he is not familiar with. Technical advice as well as parts, are merely a phone call away. I am available to provide assistance to any qualified mechanic. A large selection of parts is on hand at all times.
If you did your homework while looking at the Allantés for sale, you may have noticed a few items that weren't working, or looking as good as they should. One thing certain, you can be assured of getting one as nice as you like, I can repair everything to make it perfect. The majority of these finer automobiles had owners who never belonged to a club, and/or could not find an expert to care for it. They would get frustrated and put it up for sale. Again, we have the parts, and the expertise to repair anything on any Allanté. We have had quite a few members who bring their Allanté to me, and after a few weeks and one to three thousand dollars, they're driving out with a perfect Allanté.
    If your purchasing one, the magic price these days is around $6,000, for all years with the exception of the 1993. Here at the Cadillac Allante Repair shop, we have acquired a few that need to go to a good home. We also have a few for sale that are not on the for sale page. If you're really looking to buy one, contact me, and I can put you into one within your budget. I have Allantés going for $3,000 to $21,000.
There is a method to my madness, that is to get as many people to own one as possible. Here are a few reasons:

1- To keep them on the road and not in the scrap yard.

2- More parts will be needed and this makes it easier to get aftermarket companies to make parts for us.

3- More Allante owners, more members.

4- More members, the more recognition.

5- More recognition, the more value.

6- More value, the more interest.

7- More interest, larger Allante shows.
   And this my friends, is my goal. Big Allante Shows. Since 1999, I have been organizing Allante shows and meets, and I will continue to do so. There is so much gratification, to see so many owners become friends throughout the years, that I can't stop now.
Bottom line-

Do you or do you know someone looking to buy a Allante?

If so, call me, I will get you the lowest price, and you will know exactly what your getting. (Johnny Monzo 609-634-6518)