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1992 Indy 500 Pace Car Parade

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Welcome Members
Welcome Members

My Ride: 1993 Cadillac Allante

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Would you like to be featured in "My Ride"? Send us a picture of yourself beside your car with a short story of why you are proud of your ride email 

Upcoming Birthdays / Anniversaries
Upcoming Birthdays Anniversarys

Chat Room:
The perfect vehicle to meet and discuss problems with other owners.  John Monzo is available to answer any and all your technical problems.  Meet new friends and find Allanté and XLR close to you.  A place to share the passion of owning a classic car. Join us Thursday evening, 8:00 E.S.T

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

2018 Hemming's Article
on the Cadillac Allante

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Classic Car Insurance
Classic Car Insurance

Did you know the Allanté is eligible for classic car insurance?

There are insurance car services that will insure your Allanté as a classic car. They will insure for agreed value coverage for a much lower rate (up to a 44% lower) than your daily driver car insurance. Some will allow for occasional pleasure use with few restrictions. In order to qualify, most classic car insurance requires that the vehicle is not your daily driver and you have to provide proof of ownership of another vehicle. They also require the vehicle to be stored in a locked garage. Contact one of the following to determine if you qualify.

Grundy Insurance

Hagerty Insurance

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                                                    Mission Statement

Here at the Cadillac Allante XLR Club, I am anxious to assist you in achieving your goal in helping you enjoy your car with confidence, knowing that the collective knowledge and experience of your fellow members is at your disposal. I love talking, emailing and greeting members because it allows me the opportunity to describe the CAC’s philosophy.

Our years of success are due to helping our members meet all their needs. At the CAC, I give 110% to all your Allanté XLR needs. Anything less is not good enough. Not only are we a National Club, but I have an Allanté-only repair shop located in NJ. It’s also the club house. Feel free to visit anytime.

By being a member, this means that on every call or email, I will give you more than you expect and pay for. Also for those of you that can’t get to the Allanté repair shop, I can also be an angel on your local mechanic’s shoulder by providing them with added advice so he can get your Allanté ready faster.

By consistently going the extra mile, I have created many successful friendships that make me keep on doing what I do. In this same manner, I hope to earn your confidence and friendship.

Now that our shared semi-exotic indulgence is at its historical status, it is in our combined best interest to support the Allanté community. 

I look forward to personally meeting you at one of the Allanté XLR events.
Sincerely, Johnny Monzo...........Remember, you have me at your disposal 24/7.


                 Allanté Garage:
The Allanté Garage specializing in  the service and maintenance of Allante’s.  Located in New Jersey making available technical assistance to your local mechanic, with parts and expertise to fix any Allanté problem.  If we do not have the part we can get it for you.  Annual travelling van up and down the coast for service right at your garage door.

                  Want to know more about your car?

Check out the "Extensive Allante Data" link above for the most Allante data ever produced. 
It has every 1991 and 1993 Allante that was produced and shows build data for each car by vin number. Also shows  hard top cars, pace cars, Mary Kay cars, V4J cars, Export Cars, Build Dates, Paint codes as well as more. 
Did you know there were parade cars produced in 1992? Some were stripped of their decals and sold back to the public. You may have an original parade car and not know it!

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Aug 2018 Allante Invitational

   4th Annual  
2019 Allante-XLR Invitational

Grand Rapids Michigan
August 22 - 24

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Email 03/13/ here to expand
Email 03/13/ here to expand

Dear Allante owners,

I have a lot to say but not enough time to list it all so call me at 609-634-6518 if you interested in any of these items. 1st off, tomorrow night there will be a Premier of a movie called “Turkey’s Done” and one of the cast will be a 1993 Cadillac Allante. I was asked to have it in the movie. So I’m going to the premier to see it and if any of you live in the Philadelphia area and would like to join me click here…

Opening night of the film festival: Thursday, March 14th 7:00PM

Location:Kimmel Center(Perelman Theater) 300 S Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19102

If other family and friends would like to buy tickets:

If you can’t make it Thursday night, then you may make the Official Festival screening:

Saturday, March 16th 4:00PM


Drexel University

Drexel URBN Annex Screening Room

3401 Filbert Street

Philadelphia, PA, 19104

2nd, If anyone looking for another Allanté, right now we have a 93 polo green, 93 teal, and 92 peril White. If interested call me, again only if you’re interested.

Click here to see if you’re a member, there are a few of you that think just because I'm nice enough to keep you in the loop by sending you emails you think you’re a member. So say I should not do this but I have reasons and it’s for our members. So please join or email me to remove you from the list. But also remember, like this email, you looking for a teal Allanté, guaranteed, you’re out if you’re not a member.

Cors is looking for car of the month, no one wants to be on the front page? Take a picture and a little story and you can be a star for a month….. How about a before and after…

Did you see our latest CHAPTER?

We’re starting to put out calendar together, check it out… just keep September 3 to 8 2019 open


Spring is here, time to get those Allantes out of hibernation

President Cadillac Allante XLR Club